Anfield Cemetery

Aerial view of the chapel which is near to the entrance at Priory Road

Drone aerial view of disused chapel in Anfield cemetery

Anfield Cemetery chapel enhanced
Disused chapel in Anfield Cemetery

Notice board for proposed visitor center in Anfield Cemetery

Visitor Centre?

The disused chapel in the Anfield Cemetery could possibly become an international heritage and visitor centre. We'll keep an eye out, or should that be the drone?

Batman Was here!

The entrance to Anfield Cemetery on Cherry lane was used as a backdrop for a sequence in The Batman 2022 film. Filming took place over a few days in October 2020 while the UK was still under Covid 19 restrictions. The style of the entrance, which has a railway line above, was ideal for the caped crusader. Police were on hand to keep an eye out as it is rumoured Batman  can't go in a shop without Robin.

Filming The Batman 2022 Film Anfield Cemetery Liverpool
The Batman 2022 Film location on Cherry Lane Liverpool

Anfield Cemetery Cherry Lane entrance The Batman filming
Filming at Anfield Cemetery Cherry Lane Entrance

Cherry Lane Entrance to the Cemetery showing the railway lines above

Entrance to Anfield Cemetery showing railway

Stone figures above cemetery entrance at Cherry Lane Liverpool

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