Hartley's and Jacob's Liverpool

 Hartley's Jam Factory and Jacob's Bakery

The Liver Industrial Estate, Long Lane, Liverpool is where the production of the famous Hartley's brand of jam was produced up until 1962. Cream crackers are still produced at the Jacob's  Long Lane, Aintree site.

Jacob's And Hartley's Aerial Photo 1933

Aerial photograph of Jacob's and Hartley's factories 1933
English Heritage photo of the Long Lane Factories

This aerial photo was taken of the Long Lane factories in 1933 when production would have been in it's heyday. Jacob's factory still produces cream crackers and other confectionary. Jacob's is the nearest in the photo. The Hartley's factory ceased production in 1962. Notice the fishing pond far left and the houses to the right of it. These were originally built for the workers and are occupied today by private owners. The small estate is known as Hartley's Village.

Jacob's and Hartley's 2023

Drone aerial photo of Liver Industrial Estate Hartley's and Jacob's

With the aid of our drone, we can compare the 1933 English Heritage photo of the factories with what it looks like today. Jacob's is still there with a few changes. The chimney has gone.

The Hartley's factory is derelict with some of the buildings to the right gone. Notice the chimney is still there and so is the fishing pond. Let's take a closer look...........

Aerial photo showing chimney at Hartley's factory Long Lane
Hartley's Chimney

It's amazing that the chimney we see in the English Heritage photo has survived, and here it is close up!

Drone close up of Hartley's jam chimney
Up Close Hartley's Chimney

The chimney has undergone some restoration work over the years as it is now a listed building. The lightning conductor should prevent any electrifying misshaps

Derelict Jam Factory

Aerial photo of Hartley's jam factory buildings

Sad to see the former Hartley's Jam factory buildings mostly derelict and in decay


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