Sefton Cricket Ground

 Sefton Cricket Ground Comparison

Drone photo of Sefton cricket Ground taken from Merebank

This photo was taken by the drone in August 2023.

Spot The Difference!

Sefton Cricket ground and Rutland House taken in 1985

This was taken in 1985 from the 14th floor of Merebank block. 

There was no security then so anybody could enter the building and use the lifts to get to any floor. The landings were also open to anyone, which was handy at the time for taking photos.

So can you spot the differences between the 2023 photo and the 1985 photo?

How those trees have grown!  The chimney and clock from what was Sefton General Hospital have gone. The Two blocks of flats on Sheil Road have gone. Another building has appeared in the field next to the cricket club. Rutland House has had a makeover and penthouse added.

Has The Liverpool City Skyline  Changed?

Drone Aerial photo of Liverpool skyline taken from Merebank

High rise blocks in Sefton Park taken by the drone in 2023

Compare this drone photo showing the Liverpool skyline with the same view taken in 1985 from Merebank block.
Liverpool skyline taken from Merebank block in 1985

Many landmarks are still there, but a few others have popped up.

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