Bramley Moore Dock Stadium

 Bramley Moore Dock North Liverpool

Vauxhall is a district in the L3 area north of the Liverpool City Centre. It is the location of the new stadium for Everton Football Club at Bramley Moore Dock. It is also where the Eldonian Village is situated and the start of the Liverpool end of the Liverpool - Leeds Canal. The area has a very rich and colourful history with it's connections with Irish Immigrants and sugar refining.

 Everton's New Stadium

Everton football stadium under construction at bramley Moore Dock
Stadium under construction

 Drone Camera Photos Of Bramley Moore Stadium

Aerial view of Bramley Dock Stadium and River Mersey
Stadium view and end of Liverpool - Leeds Canal

Drone view of Everton Stadium
Stadium construction well under way

Wide View of Stadium and Surrounding Area

Wide view of Bramley Moore Dock taken from Chisenhale Street

1934 Aerial Photo Bramley Moore Dock

Aeroplane photo of Bramley Moore Dock and surrounding area 1934
Bramley Moore Dock and surrounding area aerial photograph 1934

Bramley Moore Dock From The Mersey

Bramley Moore Dock before the Stadium was built.
Bramley Moore and Nelson Docks before work was started to build the stadium in 2021.The new stadium for Everton FC is expected to have a capacity of around 53,000.

DroneSnoop Aerial Video of Bramley Moore Stadium

Bramley Moore Dock stadium drone aerial video
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