Norris Green Liverpool

 Norris Green In 1928

Aeroplane photo of Norris Green taken 1928
This aerial photo is on the English Heritage 'Britain from above' website.
 It captured the new Norris Green housing estate in 1928 with the familiar circles.
Norris Green Park can be seen between Broad lane and Lorenzo Drive

Norris Green aerial photo taken by drone 2023

Norris Green Park

Norris Green Park is still there sandwiched between Broad Lane and Lorenzo Drive.

Most of the houses around Lewisham Road from the 1928 aerial photo have been demolished and replaced with a new layout. The fields and open spaces that can be seen in the 1928 photo have been built on, mostly by residential properties.

Aeroplane aerial photo of Broad Square 1928
Aerial photo of Broad Square estate 1928.

Broad Square

The 'Broad Square' estate is situated between Lorenzo Drive and Morningside Road in the L11 area of Liverpool

Drone aerial photo Broad Square Norris Green 2023

The layout of the two circles and the square in the middle hasn't changed from the 1928 aerial photo.

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